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Long-established ventures TAMAYAKIN RECRUIT.


Nice to meet you,
My name is Tama Yakin.

We have been providing for more than 70 years since our foundation.
Heat treatment is a technique that is deeply rooted in Japanese culture.

You may not be familiar with...
From a single knife, to electronic components used in all kinds of equipment, to
And from aircraft and racing cars to the space and defence sectors...
In fact, they are needed in every industry in the world.

Japanese long-established business, tradition, master craftsmanship.
Unlike the image of the word
Our stage is very global!
Even the way we work is surprisingly 'modern'.

In the company, bright and friendly senior staff
They are itching to pass on the 'charm' of the company and their work, and the 'skills' they have inherited to the younger generation!
and the skills they have inherited from their predecessors, to the younger generation!

Come on, let's aim to be a 100-year company together!
Let's chase big dreams and romance together.
We will generously impart the 'technology needed all over the world'!


See in data

We are working hard to create "good people" for "good manufacturing",
and "good companies" for that purpose.

The quality assurance system and R & D require a lot of indirect personnel. It is expected to be applied to medical care and space development, and has the ability to develop new businesses.

Some female employees work on site. It is a company where not only men but also women can work comfortably.

Breakdown of recent recruitment2016
Total new graduates
1 university graduate, 1 science student
1 university graduate, 1 science student
1 university graduate, 1 specialty
2 university graduates and 1 science
1 university graduate, 2 science, 1 high school graduate
Recruitment suspended due to new Corona
6 college graduates, 2 professionals, 1 high school graduate
22 people
3 people (as of February 2022)


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We can start by discussing it with you!
If you are interested, please contact us at
Please feel free to contact us first.

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Ask us anything about heat treatment!
Ask us anything about heat treatment!
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