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It is our sincere wish that people recognize Tamayakin as “heat treatment specialist”. We will try with all our strength to satisfy our clients’ heat treatment-related needs.

About Tamayakin

Company information

It is our sincere wish that people recognize Tamayakin as “heat treatment specialist”. We will try with all our strength to satisfy our clients’ heat treatment-related needs.

Corporate Philosophy The TAMAYAKIN Way


"Our goals"
to form the characteristics of TAMAYAKIN.

The "Our Goals" are posted in the company. These words were expressed as the "Mission of TAMAYAKIN" on the 25th anniversary of the company's founding by the late Kei Yamada, who led the manufacturing industry as its founder and served as chairman until he passed away at the age of 86. Since then, over the past 40 years, it has become deeply rooted as a core competence that forms the "TAMAYAKIN identity".

"Our Goals"

-We support the foundation of machine industry.
-We pursue the highest level of technology.
-We are dedicated to customer service.
-We study and strive to develop our own abilities.
-We will grow together with the company and aim for future happiness.
To be resolved by all members on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its establishment.
To be resolved by all members on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its establishment.


The world' s best heat treatment brand TAMAYAKIN

The machinery industry is constantly evolving. We TAMAYAKIN have been contributing to the development of various industries through our heat treatment technology. In particular, we have achieved remarkable results in the aircraft, space, and defense-related fields, and were the first in the industry to obtain "Nadcap" certification for aircraft parts.

With this foundation in mind, on the 65th anniversary of the company's founding, we set forth a vision for the future:"To become the heat treatment brand TAMAYAKIN, offering the world's highest level of reliability".
We have set out a vision for the future.

We are proud of our history and achievements, and with our uncompromising " TAMAYAKIN character" in quality, we promise to contribute widely to the history of the world, which will continue to develop, while keeping our eyes higher and looking toward the world and the future.


"Sincerity, intuition, and challenge" 
that embodies the thoughts of the founder.

In order to get closer to the "Vision" set out above
The three spirits are defined as the attitude required of TAMAYAKIN members.
The "Three Spirits" have been newly defined as the attitude required of TAMAYAKIN's members.
The "Integrity, Intuition and Challenge" also encompass our thoughts and craftsmanship, which have been cultivated over more than half a century.
The spirit of our company and the spirit of our craftsmen are also included in these words.

Sincerity To be committed to sincere manufacturing by sincere people..
Intuition To value the power of free imagination and to explore what is truly valuable.
ChallengeTo challenge with passion what is trusted and needed by the world.

With "Our Goal" and "Spirit" in mind, we will continue to improve our technology, capabilities, and services on a daily basis, not only for economic activities, but also as a group of heat treatment professionals, with the goal of each and every employee growing together with the company.


A person who can practice Mission, Vision, and Spirit = TAMAYAKIN person
Human Resources PhilosophyA policy for attracting and developing TAMAYAKIN employees.
1. TAMAYAKIN persons = Evaluate and train persons who can create the five "vision". 2. Refining human resources and securing future human resources with the goal of being a "100-year company”.
Action guidelines Actions to be taken by TAMAYAKIN
= Creating five "Visions".
1. ”Self” Rich self-expression

We will spare no effort to maintain the health of our own, and will cooperate with and consider the continued health of our colleagues and family members. (Health Management) 

We will pursue new possibilities with enthusiasm and curiosity. Through the practice of these activities, we will continually learn and improve ourselves. (Self-improvement) 

We will work actively with a high level of vision, thinking that actions by ourselves will lead to changes in society and take the initiative.
(Proactive Thinking)

2. “Work” practice, intuition, challenge  

We will conduct heat treatment with sincerity in support of people's lives and activities. (Sincerity)

We will continue to propose innovations in quality, cost, speed and technology through our ability to freely imagine. (Intuition)

We will continue to take on challenges so that we can leave behind products and services that are the fruits of the TAMAYAKIN Spirit and work that we can be proud of for the next generation.(Challenge)

3. 'Trust' Commitment to trust

To gain the trust of our customers, we will sincerely respond to their wishes. (Customer trust)

We take pride in the trusted TAMAYAKIN brand and strive to further improve trust.
(Pride in the company through trust)

We will build a relationship of trust with people by providing value that surpasses their expectations. (Building trust by providing value)

4. ”Future” A Gift for the next generation

We will take responsibility for the growth of the next generation of associates based on The TAMAYAKIN Way. (Growth of the organization)

We sympathize with The TAMAYAKIN Way and deal with daily issues without forgetting the long-term perspective. (Thinking for the long term)

We take a broader interest in our work and support the challenges, activities and growth of other departments. (Thinking in big picture).

5. "Society" three way GOOD

We take pride in our customers' challenges, activities, successes and growth. (Good buyer)

We appreciate our business partners who cooperate with our activities and strive to return the value generated. (Good for sellers)

We will carry out activities that contribute to local people and communities. (Good for the world)


Human Resource Development for Manufacturing, 
Company Development for Human Resource Development
Iron is honest

Kei Yamada, the founder and the first president of the company, left behind the words, "Iron is honest," referring to the nature of heat treatment processing, where the workmanship is not apparent from the outside, but the physical characteristics clearly reflect the previous history of heat processing.
In other words, the properties of steel at night in heat treatment reflect the sincere heart of the person working on it, and how to nurture such sincere people has its origin in "company development". We, at Tama Yakin, will continue to strive to pursue good "manufacturing", good "human resource development" to engage in it, and good "company development" as the basis of it.

We, at Tama Yakin, will continue to strive to pursue good "manufacturing", good "human resource development" to engage in it, and good "company development" as the basis of it.


Heat treatment furnaces use heaters to heat up to around 1000℃, which consumes a lot of electricity. Therefore, heat treatment is considered to be one of the most electricity consuming processes in metal processing.
We installed solar panels on the roof of our factory in 2020 and are also using self-generated electricity for heat treatment.
We will continue to try to procure clean electricity with low CO2 emissions as one step toward a sustainable society while taking into consideration the global environment.

2016年 4th TAMA Brand Certified Company 2016 (2016)
Industry-University Collaboration and Research and Development Award
2019年 17th Tama Blue Green Award
Tama Green Award, Management category, Award of Excellence
2021年 Certified as an excellent health management corporation 2021
Governor's Award for Excellence, Tokyo Metropolitan SME Skills and Human Resource Development Awards, 2021

About Tamayakin

The blue of calm. Integrity."

'White of inspiration' 'Intuition'.

Red with passion The Challenge."

About Corporate Colour

We aim to be a heat treatment brand that offers the world's highest level of reliability, with "Integrity", "Intuition", and "Challenge" as our TAMAYAKIN spirit, in order to realize our founder's idea of "Our Goal". Furthermore, the three spirit colors are used to represent our corporate colors: blue for "sincerity", white for "intuition", and red for "challenge".

About the TAMAYAKIN logo

Today's TAMAYAKIN logo is a new version to commemorate the company's 65th anniversary. The form of this logo is a three-dimensional block that tightly combines the initial "T" for "Tama region," the birthplace of our company, and the initial "Y" for "metallurgy," the origin of our business when we started. The blocks are colored in these three colors to form the TAMAYAKIN brand logo, which expresses our hopes for the future.

Company profile

Name of company TAMAYAKIN Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment (e.g. of a company) 1 December 1951.
Capital and closing date 20 million End of May
Representative Representative Director and President Takeshi Yamada
Shinsuke Yamada, Executive Vice President and Representative Director
Major shareholder Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.
Main financial institutions Japan Finance Corporation
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Tama Shinkin Bank
Industrial association affiliation Japan Metal Heat Treatment Industry Association
Eastern Metal Heat Treatment Association
Metal Treating Institute (MTI)

Japan/Tokyo Plant

2-77-1 Inadaira, Musashimurayama-shi, Tokyo 208-0023

TEL: 042-560-4331
FAX: 042-560-4550

If coming by train

10 minutes by taxi from Akishima Station on the JR Oume Line.
15 minutes by bus from Akishima Station on the JR Oume Line.
Bus (Sho 22) IHI (via Estate Tachikawa)
Bus (Sho 26) Harunazuka (via Estate Tachikawa), 3-minute walk from Inadaira-minami intersection.
Bus (Sho 24) bound for Hakonegasaki Station East Exit, 1 minute walk from Murayama Heights-mae bus stop.
1-minute walk from Murayama Heights-mae bus stop.
All of the above buses can be boarded at the Seibu Haijima Line and Seibu Tachikawa Station entrance.

When taking the bus from Seibu Tachikawa Station, the bus does not stop in front of the station.
 To get to the bus stop, walk along the railway line in the direction of Shinjuku for about 3 minutes.

If you are coming to the office by car

Shin-Ome Kaido, 1.7km from Mitsugi intersection.
1.5km from Tennobashi intersection, Itsukaichi Kaido Road
1.2km from Matsunaka-danchi-minami intersection on Itsukaichi Kaido Road.
4.0 km from JR Akishima Station
4.8 km from Seibu Haijima Station.
1.8 km from Seibu Tachikawa Station on the Seibu Line.
2.3 km from Musashisunagawa Station on the Seibu Line.
9.6 km from Hachioji Interchange on the Chuo Expressway via Haijima Bridge and Akishima.
10.0 km from Iruma Interchange on Ken-O Expressway via Route 16 and Shin-Ome Kaido.

China/Dalian plant


No. 7, Tianyun Street, No. 41, Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone, China

tel. 86-411-87334618
fax: 86-411-87334638 From Japan (Narita) to Dalian Airport: 3.5 hours by air, 1,700 km.
60 minutes by car (taxi) from Dalian Airport, approx. 30 km.


Ask us anything about heat treatment!
Ask us anything about heat treatment!
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Headquarter (Tokyo, Japan)

Opening hours. 8:00-17:00(Japan time)

China Dalian Factory

Opening hours. 8:00-17:00(China time)