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Technology that has beenchallenged  and evaluated

TAMAYAKIN has been challenging the research and development of heat treatment technology for many years. This section introduces the history and philosophy of the company.

What Tamayakin can do

The challenge of manufacturing, or the venture mind, is the culture of TAMAYAKIN, which has been continuously handed down from the confusion of the post-war era to the present, even as times have changed. TAMAYAKIN has always been sincere in its approach to manufacturing, trusting its intuition backed by technology and never afraid to take a step forward to challengethe next step. We will look back on the history of this challenge through the activities fostered by successive generations of representatives.

A heat treatment factory 
in Tama nurtured byman of chemistry

First generation Kei Yamada Kei Yamada

“Opened a heat treatment business 
during the postwar chaos.”

The founder, Kei Yamada, who started the heat treatment business for one generation in 1951 during the chaos of the post-war period, was a "man of chemistry" who majored in applied chemistry at Waseda University and worked in an explosives manufacturing factory during the war. When he founded the company, he started with automobile parts, and a few years later, he expanded his business to include a wide range of heat treatment of auto parts and machine parts, and became one of the supporters of the Japanese manufacturing industry during the post-war reconstruction period.

Shifting to small lot multi-product production system.

Although he was strict in his work, his humorous, family-oriented and warm personality created many collaborators both inside and outside the company, and he also actively listened to the advice given by others and worked to improve the company. As one example, he contracted with a management consultant and an educational training company to help him develop his company and employees.
The company became a certified heat treatment factory for major auto manufacturers such as Nissan Diesel, Komatsu, Caterpillar Mitsubishi, etc. However, the company pursued "our own work" rather than stability, and shifted to a localized "small lot multi-product multiple product production style", which was the result of the founder's people-oriented personality and foresight in predicting the times

From a single screw to 
more complex products

One of his most notable pioneering decisions was the introduction of vacuum furnaces. This was an unprecedented challenge in Japan, and an extremely large decision considering the size of the company at that time. However, this decision has helped us to develop a reputation in the industry as a manufacturer of products that TAMAYAKIN can handle anything from a single screw to highly complex products and has given us a solid position in the industry. Since then, the company has made a series of choices to stay ahead of the times, such as the introduction of "ion plating equipment", a modern technology, and the shift away from halogenated organic solvents in consideration of the natural environment.

Former Pilot's Challenge
Reforming the Airplane

second generation Hitoshi Yamada Hitoshi Yamada

The challenge and innovation 
of work for pride

It was November 1987 when the future 2nd generation president of the company, Hitoshi Yamada, entered TAMAYAKIN, bringing with him the "passion for aircraft" that he had developed as a pilot for maritime self-defense. At the time, TAMAYAKIN established the reliable "small lot multi-product" technology that the founder had built up in the Tama area. At that time, there was a move in favor of the growth of the altitude economy, and the company was overflowing with work, competing on the basis of numbers rather than quality. In such a situation, it was not easy to pave the way for one person to enter the aerospace industry, and it is not difficult to imagine the opposition from within the company. Relying on the contacts and connections Hitoshi Yamada he had cultivated at his previous job, it took one year for him to gather information on the equipment and quality control system for manufacturing equipment for aircraft and to establish an in-house system. Successfully, he acquired heat treatment certification for aircraft engine parts to be stored at IHI. This was the start of the development of innovations, and in 1999 the company acquired ISO9001 certification. This was a time when employees began to have a ”sense of pride in their work”, working together as a team to do "work that only we can do”.

A foothold to the world,
Dalian factory

In 2003, anticipating the decline of domestic demand due to the accelerating industrial hollowing out, the company set up a new factory in Dalian, China. As a result of the growth of the Chinese economy and the rapid growth of the auto industry, Dalian's factory has grown significantly and gained the trust of not only Japanese companies in China, but also local Chinese and European companies.
Now, like the Tokyo Head Office, we acquired AS9100 in 2018 and NADCAP the following year in just one year. The Dalian factory is expected to be the "foothold to the world" of the future and is becoming an essential part of the global development of TAMAYAKIN.

Became a member of the top company in the industry
and challenged for the near

the third generation executive vice-president Shinsuke Yamada Shinsuke Yamada
  director Yamada, T. Tsuyoshi Yamada

The New Era of TAMAYAKIN 
challenged by the brothers

"Diversity" is the word that symbolizes the era of our new president, Tsuyoshi Yamada, who was born on August 2017, and the vice president, Shinsuke Yamada.
The president of TAMAYAKIN, who studied abroad in China and worked overseas in his previous job, has used his management know-how and language skills to accelerate the globalization of the company, and his brother, vice president Shinsuke Yamada entered the company, has also been able to accelerate TAMAYAKIN's globalization and diversification strategy by using his international sensibility cultivated through his study in Germany and overseas business experience. The first step was the participation in "AMATERAS", a corporate unit which started its activities a few years after the President joined the company and was one of the next generation of the aerospace industry. With this opportunity, we also obtained JIS Q 9100 certification, Nadcap, and in 2017, Rolls Royce heat treatment certification. The company has established itself as one of the leading companies in the aerospace industry, footing the line with other major and leading companies in the industry and being known as "TAMAYAKIN for aircraft parts".

100 years
and beyond

On the other hand, the Vice President focused on recruiting and examining internal regulations with the aim of building a team that can withstand big changes and establishing an organizational structure that can last beyond the 100th anniversary of the company. We have started recruiting new graduates since 2015, aiming to create an organization that is suitable for the new era, while maintaining the passion for manufacturing and the challenge that TAMAYAKIN has built up since the early Showa era. The company has also established a training system for new employees, including study sessions, and is focusing on employee education.

Future Industry expanding 
from Heat Treatment

As the industry continues to evolve, the company's third president and vice president are currently working on a new factory design "South factory" to meet the needs of the industry for the next 20 years. It will be the largest factory of its kind in TAMAYAKIN in Japan with modern in its content, the company is aiming to introduce new technology and equipment that can handle the machining process while keeping the traditional heat treatment at the core. This will not only increase business opportunities, but also the scale of work on a more global scale, including medical equipment, industrial machinery related to carbon neutrality, and even flying cars. The "100-year company" and "the future beyond" challenge by brothers. There, too, the history of TAMAYAKIN's unique challenging spirit is being built up.


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Ask us anything about heat treatment!
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