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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials (August/September 2023)

Submission Date October 04, 2023
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01 Customer Testimonials


I trust the quality of your company.
I appreciate the advance delivery date, but I would like to have a more accurate response to the delivery date.
I have an image that your prices are higher than those of other companies, but considering the quality, I am very satisfied.
We appreciate that you contacted us when there were any deficiencies in our service.
We also appreciate your prompt response to our quotations.
We look forward to a continued business relationship with you.


They have been very helpful in discussing delivery dates and responding to impossible adjustments.


There was a quality defect, but it was corrected.
The delivery date was flexible to change the schedule, which was very helpful.
We appreciate that you responded to our price quotations.
When we increased production, you responded flexibly to our requests for early morning hours and Saturday delivery, which was just as helpful as the delivery date. We also appreciate your flexible response to our safety patrols in Hiroshima.


We have had no problems with the delivery time, which has rarely been less than our desired delivery date, and the express response has been as good as possible.
Thank you very much for your kind and courteous service.
Your prompt and accurate responses to our inquiries are also very helpful.
Thank you very much for the consultation regarding the processing the other day. I would appreciate any further technical advice you can give me.


Inspection data is included for your peace of mind.
The product is completed within the requested delivery time.
Some prices are slightly higher than requested.
The company responds appropriately to our inquiries.


We appreciate your response to our requests, even though we sometimes have to request a short delivery time.
I think the price is fair.
As I mentioned in the "delivery time" column, we are satisfied with your response to our requests.


I am satisfied with the quality maintained.
They do their best to meet our requests.
They are always polite and courteous.


We are satisfied with the very careful handling of our products and documents.
We are satisfied with their careful handling of our products and documents, etc. We think the evaluation is reasonable because our customers are demanding.
Some parts are a little expensive, but it is reasonable to think that the quality of the products is worth the cost.
Compared to other companies, you are very helpful and responsive.
I don't have any particular opinion about your company, but if there is anything we can do to help, please let us know.


Currently generally good.
We are satisfied with both the specified delivery date and the consulting delivery date.
In particular, we are very grateful for the early completion of the consultation deadline.
I am aware of the minimum unit price.
The office staff has been much more responsive.
The staff at the site has always greeted us favorably.
The technical consultation was explained to us in detail.

Customer Testimonials (August/September 2023)
Submission Date October 04, 2023


Ask us anything about heat treatment!
Ask us anything about heat treatment!
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